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Fuel Surcharge

The Fuel surcharge applicable in each month is determined based on the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) price for kerosene-type jet fuel reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) two weeks prior to the first Monday of each month, rounded to the nearest cent.
If you have a Century Express Account Number, the Fuel Surcharge will be included in your invoice. If you are an occasional Century Express Customer, the Fuel Surcharges will be included in your charges.

Below is Fuel Surcharge For Last 12 Months

01/07/2019 18.50 %
03/06/2019 20.00 %
06/05/2019 19.75 %
01/04/2019 18.25 %
01/03/2019 18.75 %
05/01/2019 17.25 %
03/12/2018 18 %
05/11/2018 20.75 %
01/10/2018 20.25 %
03/09/2018 19 %
06/08/2018 19 %
02/07/2018 18.50 %
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Expansion of Out of Delivery Areas - Service Enhancement

Century Express is pleased to announce the expansion of its delivery network to the following towns in the UAE - Madam / Maliha / Masfut and Hatta. Century Express will now deliver to these towns for both COD and Non COD services. Delivery time would be between 2-3 days from pickup. There would be a surcharge of AED 30 over and above your rates for these destinations.

COD Remittances would be in One Week's time from the date of delivery. COD Shipments rejected upon delivery would also attract delivery charges.