Prepaid Voucher Service

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    Merchant or a retail customer plans to send a shipment abroad or domestically and requests a delivery via phone, email or web booking.


    Customer Service takes the shipment order and directly updates the system to notify the courier person to pick-up the shipment


    Notified by the IT system, the courier collector picks the shipment and records successful pick-up and heads to the warehouse.


    At the warehouse, the shipment is sorted based on the urgency and destination requested. The customer is able to track his shipment on a real-time basis


    Operations allocates a delivery job to each courier boy based on their zone coverage. Operations tracks the movement of all of its Couriers via mobile including the number of deliveries performed and his efficiency


    For Domestic Shipments, the delivery is made to the end customer or parcel lockers


    For International Shipments, we either deliver the shipment to our agents or they pick it up from our warehouse depending on the agreement. Those agents also provide us with a shipment tracking service


    The agent choses the delivery mode depending on the parcel delivery requirements (priority, size and destination) and delivers it to the warehouse of the destination country. The shipment is then sorted for delivery


    The recipient of the shipment is then contacted by the customer service of the agent and arranged a time for delivery.

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